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Nurse Anesthesia Program Interviews

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The thought of interviewing in front of an admissions committees is foreign to most applicants.  Most of us didn’t have to interview for our undergraduate degree, and many of us cannot remember the last time we had a professional interview, especially one that is so vital to our future and that we’ve put in so much effort to make happen.

Anxiety is Expected

First of all, it is normal for interviewees to feel emotions that range anywhere from slightly nervous to full-blown panic.  Nerves are expected when you are doing something that is important to you, that you worked hard for, and that could have such a major impact on your life.

The best way to reduce anxiety is to know what to expect.  Unfortunately, most of the admissions committees do not want you to know what to expect because they want to see how you perform unrehearsed!  Ok…so what’s the next best way to reduce anxiety?  You can dramatically reduce anxiety by preparing for all possible scenarios!

I came across this article published on the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists webpage.  It has great advice from program directors about the interview process and some interesting information for DNP candidates.  Apparently, the DNP curriculum changes necessitate students have strong writing skills, which means interviews may start to include a writing test.  Now wouldn’t you feel better knowing beforehand that there was a potential for this to occur rather than finding out right before a test was handed to you?  I know I would!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Need More Interview Prep Material?

CRNA Academy Members have access to a huge compilation of interview questions and subjects that have been asked during personal interviews with nurse anesthesia programs across the country.  We’ve received question submissions from student nurse anesthetists, applicant forums, straight from admissions committees, and from the combined personal experiences of our fellow CRNAs.  Our CRNA Academy Members spend so much time preparing for their interviews, that by go-time, they’re confident and ready to dominate!  Join us today if you want to dominate the Nurse Anesthesia interview process and stand out from your competition!

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