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CRNA Information Sessions

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What is an information session?

Some nurse anesthesia programs offer information sessions for potential applicants.  These sessions might be hosted by the affiliated School of Nursing and have Nurse Anesthesia Program (NAP) representatives, or they may be hosted by the NAP themselves.  It is a chance for a school to explain its admission procedures, its interview process, give a tour of the facilities, describe competitive applicants, deliver information about the program itself, and “woo” potential students.  There will also be a very valuable question and answer session.

Why should I attend an information session?

So many reasons!

  • You can obtain great information from these sessions that you may not be able to find online
  • You can have a face-to-face meeting with members of the admission committee and make an early impression
  • You can get advice from the admission committee on how to strengthen your application
  • Often, current NAP students are in attendance to answer questions and give you the insider scoop- this is a great resource!
  • Your name goes on the attendance list, which often gets remembered when your application crosses the desk
  • You can decide if the program is right for you before you pay application fees, stress over the interview, and pay to travel

Do’s and Don’ts


  • dress professionally (we’re talking no less than business casual, business professional preferred!)
  • research the program before you go; the program website is a great resource
  • introduce yourself to the program faculty and/or the admissions committee representative (often the faculty serves on the admission committee)
  • ask intelligent and motivated questions (for example, ask what you can do to prepare for the interview, or ask a faculty member what their favorite part of the program is)
  • try to develop rapport with current students (who are often more than willing to help!), and ask if they would be willing to share their contact information with you, like an e-mail address
  • stay for the full length of the session and take full advantage of anything “optional” like tours, brochures, etc.
  • takes notes and use the information gathered in your statement of purpose/essay for admission AND for interview material should you be selected

Business Communication Duplicate model


  • be late unless arranged ahead of time!  You want to appear responsible!
  • RSVP and then not show up!  If you have to cancel, call and apologize, and ask when the next session will be or if you can arrange a private meeting
  • drink more than one alcoholic beverage if the information session has a “happy hour” aspect
  • attend the session and stand in the corner; you want to be that “highly motivated” student all the programs want
  • go with a group of friends and stand around chatting- this is unprofessional and does not show that you are serious about the program

How do I know if the program I am interested in is having an Information Session?

Often the only way to check for the date/time is to view the program/school of nursing website or to contact the program to ask.  Not every school provides these types of sessions but you definitely don’t want to miss out on the ones close to you.

Upcoming Sessions

Loma Linda University: Loma Linda, CA on Sept 8, 2014 and Nov 3, 2014 at 6pm, register online


Samuel Merritt University: Oakland, CA; dates TBA from 6-8pm, RSVP online after the dates are announced


Keck School of Medicine/University of Southern California: Los Angeles, CA on Thursday September 18th and Thursday November 20th, 2014; times to be announced so check back to the website


Fairfield University and Bridgeport Hospital: Bridgeport, Connecticut on Saturday September 27, 2014- 8:30am-10:45am, RSVP online


Florida Gulf Coast University: Fort Meyers, FL for a Graduate Orientation- CRNA representatives will be there on 8/12/14 3:30-6:30pm at the Cohen Center Ballroom, RSVP online.


NorthShore University HealthSystem: Evanston, IL holds an annual Open House, it was in March of 2014 so one could assume there will be another in March of 2015.  Check the website for dates/times and to make a reservation.

Rush University: Chicago, IL held on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 4:30-6pm hosted by the School of Nursing to present all degree options (not just Nurse Anesthesia), register online.

Oakland University/Beaumont Health System: Royal Oak, MI on Thursday, August 14, 4 – 6 p.m.  The event is titled “Become a CRNA-Information Session.”  No registration is required.


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