Week #8 as a CRNA Student- Mnemonics

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Mnemonics are handy dandy ways to remember what you are doing when you are a newbie.  Today I’ll share the ones we’ve learned so far.


This is a very famous Mnemonic for CRNA Students and practicing anesthesia providers.  You can use this to ensure that your room is setup with the essentials between every case.


M- Machine Check.  Check your Anesthesia Gas Machine per FDA guidelines (See steps HERE)

S- Suction.  Ensure 1. you have suction set up 2. that your suction actually works (e.g. test it against your hand)

M-Monitors.  Standard monitors are EKG, BP Cuff, Pulse Oximetry, End Tidal CO2 and Temperature Probe

A- Airway.  Set up two blade handles, 2 sizes of Mac blades, 2 sizes of Miller blades, oral and nasal airways, lube, LMA, ETT appropriately sized with stylet and 10ml syringe to test balloon and LMA.

I- IV.  Everything you need to start a 2nd IV.

D- Drugs.  Induction drugs, emergency drugs and the drugs you may need for the case.


Basically, this mnemonic is the same as MSMAID but it reminds you to wear gloves and get your tape set up for your ETT and to tape the patient’s eyes.  Something you probably won’t forget in real life, but you may forget in the simulation lab when you’re being graded.


G- Gloves

D- Drugs

A- Airway

M- Machine Check

M- Monitors


T- Tape


Great way to remember the doses for your induction medications.  Notice the pattern, 1mg/kg, 2mg/kg, etc.  You may or may not see Thiopental in your clinical setting.  I believe it is no longer being produced.

K- Ketamine 1 mg/kg

P- Propofol 2 mg/kg

E- Etomidate 0.3 mg/kg  **Notice that dose is 0.3 mg/kg, not 3!

T- Thiopental 4 mg/kg



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